'Ride with us ....  Stay with us'....
for memories to last a lifetime!

Gentle Energy Connection Workshops to create trust and  well-being for both horse and rider;  a progressive stress-free approach of softness and relaxation carried forward into your riding.
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Riding Bossington Hill and SW Coastpath

"You will wish to return again and again!

Connection through your energy at the heart of our Horse Riding Adventures
Gentle Equine In-Hand Workshop;  Self Selection for Health;
Holistic Horse Care and
 Reconnect with Nature on Horseback!

Bespoke riding and in-hand holidays on request

The horse comes first... 
Listen to your horse, and the horse will listen to you...

The horse is a mirror of yourself....
Follow the energy of the horse, and the horse will follow you....
Assertiveness, Gentleness, Awareness, Connection, Allowing; Softness, Relaxing

Exmoor Riding woodland bicycle challenge

'Inspirational  Workshops'

'Stunning Scenery'

“Amazing from the start - lovely horses to ride, new adventure every day, a must do again holiday”


"A beautiful restorative break!

I came away feeling completely at peace, rested and ready to face the world. Pure soul food for horsey lovers!!!"


“Riding paradise, stunning scenery and wonderful routes....the workshop was a highlight and made me quite emotional - will return again and again!”


"Beautiful Horse Riding in Exmoor.

I loved the horses and the philosophy Cathy uses to train them by letting them be horses in a natural environment"


"Amazing rides and great canters....One is always concerned that the horses will just be plods... there was certainly no plodding around and we will be back"

Mandy and Steve