Holiday of a lifetime for Health and Well-being
Trust Energy Connection with Horses

for riders and non-riders

Escape to the country with us at West Lynch Farm to rediscover yourself in the heart of the stunning Exmoor countryside.  Through reconnecting with nature, and becoming part of the herd, you can reinforce your well-being and bring balance back into your life.   Discover your inner self through relaxation and connection with our wonderful horses.

We will share with. you the techniques that we use with our horses, and allow them to be the calm, connected, happy horses that they are destined to be.  We will examine herd dynamics and their relationships, their methods of communication, to enable you to discover the equine-human connection.

To help develop a mutual trust you will learn to breathe, walk and talk with the horse to develop connection through your combined presence. As you go through the week we will be exploring how you can play games, and work through agility challenges that enables your horse to train you!  

Arrive Day 1 = Monday:  Welcome and brief description of the week ahead.  We will serve a selection for breakfast and lunch, leaving you to discover the delights of the nearby village of Porlock for your evening meal.   

Day 2: 

am - After breakfast you will help with the morning routine, to include bringing the horses in from the paddocks.  This gives you the opportunity to meet your horse whilst they enjoy their breakfast.  You will then groom and prepare your horse for an introductory arena workshop.


You will start by learning to be with the horse by breathing to find a place of peace for both horse and human. Then with gentle hands you will learn to lead a horse with clear signals and learn to listen to the language of the horse.

Lunch, chat and feedback.

pm:  Develop your relationship with an active horse agility session with obstacle challenges for both horse and handler.. Yard duties to include horses' tea and take to the fields.

Day 3:

am - Bring horses in, groom, feet - Today is all about Self Selection.  We will include a walk through the lanes to self select herbage and identify what they eat and how they benefit followed by self selection dried herbs in the field. 

Lunch, chat and feedback.


pm:  Zoopharmacognosy (essential oil self selection) and sample a few oils for behaviour or pain with the horses.

Day 4:

am: Bring horses in, groom, feet;  In the arena you will work with your horse on a short line on a circle, and develop the skill of breath energy control followed by free-schooling and simple liberty challenges off the line.

Lunch, chat and feedback.

pm:  Woodland walk and playtime through the woods on the line and at liberty!  Finish with a Cream Tea!

Depart Day 5 - Friday:

Say good-bye to your equine friends and depart.

Archie walks home

My Story

My qualifications & experiences:

Bsc(Hons) Geography, Geology, Botany
Secretary; Book-keeping; Marketing;  Environmental journalism; Environmental Interpretation Diploma; Post grad certificate in education; Web-site design;  Falconry and training; Further education teaching

Training of Horses for 30 years:
CPD, Inspiration & Support: True connection (Lucie Klaassen); The Trust Technique (James French); Naturally Classical (Jenny Rolfe); Dressage (Betty Howett); Barefoot horses (Clive Ponsford); Light Hands Equitation (Steve Halfpenny); The Masterson Method (Jim Masterson); Zoopharmacognosy (Caroline Ingraham); Shiatsu (Alison Redgrove); Horse Agility and Wild Agility (Vanessa Bee);
and my herd of wonderful horses: (age descending) Dandy, Archie, Papoose, Pebbles, Danny, Tom, Theo, Igor, Rio, Albi, Flo, Blue, and three miniature ponies; and of course our ponies who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge -Paddy, Sunny, Rosie, Sirrus, Juta and tiny Hamish, the biggest Miniature Shetland in the whole herd!!


As a young child I was always passionate about animals, and horses in particular.  My mother allowed me quite a menagerie, but never aspired to horses.  After university I kept my own dog, and still longed for a horse, but then met my husband, travelled the world, had two lovely daughters, and discovered all manner of new skills and experiences living in the Caribbean and the Middle East for ten years!  

On returning to the UK with two young girls I endeavoured to devote my spare time to environmental interpretation with families and children of the same age as my own; I ran a Watch Group; became county Watch Organiser; taught environmental awareness in schools; and my husband and I set up a venue for visiting schools and families to discover more about inter-relationships and intra-relationships within the living world..  We kept all kinds of animals from a coati-mundi, a squirrel, owls and hawks, butterflies, a llama and meerkats!  I would go into schools, or they would come to our Centre and discover nature for themselves through environmental interpretation learning games and experiences.

As our girls reached their teen years we decided to move to a beautiful property on Exmoor - West Lynch Farm, full of 600 years of history, thought to have been built on energy or ley lines, along with the Chapel of Ease connected to the farmhouse; the yards have a wonderful relaxing and connecting energy when you visit this amazing hidden historic site.

We currently have 12 wonderful horses and a large collection of Owls and Hawks within our small 16th century farmstead.  Since establishing the riding centre in 2005 each and every horse has taught me another way!  Listening to the horse, and connecting with their energy through gentleness and trust are key to the development of our relationship together.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.