Blue Blue - Rescue pony!

Blue Blue has a really interesting history, and still just a baby!  Blue joined us in January 2020.  He was then about 1year -18th months old. 

His story so far:  He was initially found on the side of the motorway without an owner, so was taken in by a lady to a livery yard in the Midlands, who sadly could not afford to keep a pony at livery - subsequently he was passed from one place to another until one January morning we received an email from someone who asked if we would take him at our stables, as he was due to be shot by the Friday!  Poor BlueBlue.  How could we refuse?

So we organised transport with the help of our great friend Rebeccah Bayliss from Little Green Stables, and he arrived in his new home.  He was castrated just before "Lockdown" 2020 and has grown and developed through play and desensitisation since then.

Young children love BlueBlue, and enjoy taking him for walks through the woods and down to the sea.  Eventually he will make a great child's riding when he is backed and ready.