'Breath Heart Energy Connection'
"Listen to your horse - allow your horse to teach you"

£60 pp, 1-2 people

We all ride and handle horses through breath energy connection, without realising using our natural body energy, and the connection he has with us!  Once we can understand this energetic relationship we can learn to 'harness' it through our interactions and training - in fact they train us!  


We all give off a different energy field, and some of us can make a horse go, but it may bolt off and 'mis-behave', and some of us find that motivating our horse is really hard and we call it 'lazy' (and it could be the same horse!) 

If you are a tense rider or suffer from stress when with horses,  lacking in self confidence around horses, or just wish to understand a gentler approach to working with and riding horses, then this is for you! 


We will explore yoga and breathing with you and the horse, pilates exercises you can do together and how to play with the horse on the ground to enhance your mutual connection.  In fact your horse will become your best friend!


You will be able to work with your horse both on a lead rope, on the lunge and at liberty and discover that really special breath heart energy connection.  When you are ready we can incorporate your new relaxed techniques into your riding for a truly relaxed and listening horse whilst out on the hills.  A stress free rider helps a stress free horse!