We wish for everyone to have a fully enjoyable ride or workshop in a relaxed way, and hope that our protocol will give you all peace of mind.

The aim of these guidelines is to help reduce the possible spread of Covid-19 for the safety of our staff, our clients and ourselves.

All riders should be competent and able to control a horse at walk, trot and canter for off-site rides.

Workshops and arena lessons are possible but social distancing may not always be adhered to for health and safety reasons.  The clients must ascknowledge and accept that level of risk.

On arrival please wash your hands before entering the yard.

Please complete a riding competency form on arrival.

Please enter the yards, but do not enter the stables with the horses. 

All tack is sprayed with disinfectant prior to and after use. 

All riders must wear their own hats to the current specification for obvious health & safety reasons

We do have a small number of hats available, which will be disinfected between riders.

After the ride please remember to wash your hands prior to departing.

Thank you for supporting us and riding with us.  We hope we meet you again shortly.


By booking a ride or workshop you have acknowledged that you have read and accepted these conditions.

Licence Number LN/00004077