Dandy - 17hh Irish Draught x Thoroughbred

Dandy Self Selection Dried Herbs

Dandy is a magnificent gentleman - he is a kind, gentle ride with huge paces and a huge heart, currently 25 years of age.


In the picture above he is selecting dried herbs for health and currently seen enjoying Milk Thistle Seed.

He is  a good weight carrier, with really solid paces, and a long loping canter. He makes a strong comfortable ride, wholly dependable, and very forward going.  He has been with us since he was 9 months old, and this is his lifetime home.  He was showing signs lameness due to arthritis last year, so we gave him the summer off, but now has returned back to his normal self and moving freely.... but being elderly and very large we are cautious with his work. 


'Dandy' lost his life-long partner 'Sirrus' in 2019, which must have been a sad loss for him -   Sirrus and Dandy have always been partners since birth, having shared the same breeding field in North Devon!   However, he is still working well and enjoys his shorter rides out  - he will always look after you and offer the very best ride that he can.  He has formed a new partnership with Igor, and it was love at first sight -most of the time in the field they are inseperable, and Dandy is Igor's role model.

Sadly Dandy has large melanomas around his head, but he takes no notice of them, and is a happy soul!  Interestingly he suffered from COPD for many years of his life, and then we tried an Equine Breathing Mask, which cured his condition - TOTALLY!    Well worth a try.