Danny - 14.2hh Welsh Cob x Arab? 

Danny and student at liberty with low poll

Danny joined our herd in September 2018, showing signs of worry and anxiety, and so obviously needed a quiet, gentle partner, as he appeared to arrive carrying a load of his 11 years of 'baggage'!  We know very little about his past history, but it took a while to get him used to being ridden, so we guess he was a driving pony, or even a breeding stallion, now gelded!


On arrival he joined up with one of our livery horses, and they shared food, treats, and gained self confidence when they ride out together.  However, that horse has since left and Danny lost his soul-mate - this knocked him back hugely, and once again became difficult to handle, but a lovely horse to ride.  Finally Danny has become an important member of the herd of cobs (Theo, Flo, Danny and BlueBlue) and has found his hooves at last!  He is content in his stable, laying in the sun on the floor by day, and riding out for competent light weight riders. 

Our riders LOVE this little star!!