Shiatsu for Horses and Humans with AG's Shiatsu!

Gentle touch, working the entire horse to effect relaxation, stress release and


£80pp,  1-2 people

From the Equine Shiatsu Organisation:

Shiatsu is a form of Japanese physiotherapy which can be used to treat a wide variety of issues. The majority of the work covers soft tissue injuries and movement dysfunction, such as tight muscles and stiff joints. It is safe and suitable for most horses, both to deal with specific physical concerns, and to manage stress, mental and emotional health problems.

Equine Shiatsu is purely a manual therapy and uses finger and thumb pressure on acupuncture points along the meridians in order to free restrictions in the body which allow and maintain good health – the same points as used in Veterinary Acupuncture. This pressure along the meridians, together with assisted stretching,  joint mobilisation and massage, allows the body to release pain and tension gently adjusting both posture and attitude.

Based in the principles of Oriental Medicine 'Five element theory', a particular strength of Shiatsu is that it looks to find and treat the underlying causes of dysfunction and not just the symptoms. Oriental theory, in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, together with a well developed sensitivity of touch makes Equine Shiatsu an effective therapeutic aid to good horse health........ more

Our Horses all receive regular Shiatsu Treatments from our local professional Shiatsu practitioner.  Alison Redgrove is able to talk to you and show you the main energy meridians you can use with your horse and which organs they influence - our horses are particularly sensitive to emotional and stress response, helping them to be the calm, gentle horses that our clients like to ride.  When Alison arrives they often lean out of their stables licking and chewing, letting her know that 'they would like to see her'!  Each time a particular horse receives a treatment it is obvious that those in next door stables have also benefitted from her energy!

If you would like to engage in a Shiatsu session with Alison as a demonstration, participation and a short treatment for yourselves (head, neck and shoulders), then please ask at the time of booking your horse riding holiday with us and I will see if she is available.