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Wild Foraging, Herbal Self Selection  and
The Principles of 'Applied Equine Zoopharmacognosy'

"The Amazing Power of Oils!"

£65 for one, £100 for two

Our countryside hedgerows are essential for wildlife in so many ways - they provide safe hiding places and homes for small creatures, small mammals, 1500 species of insect and countless hedgerow birds. They are full of food rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, fat, minerals and vitamins to nourish and support growing families, such as seeds, berries, roots, flowers and invertebrates..... they serve as the wildlife motorways so that creatures and birds can travel from one wildlife rich area, such as a woodland, to another; and for winter protection from the harshest of weathers.  Many of our hedgerows are hundreds of years old, and may contain numerous different plants along their corridors.......


They are also full of essential chemical compounds necessary for our own and our animals' health, repair and wellbeing.  Many of these wild flowers and trees that grow along our hedgerows are beneficial to us, our dogs and other pets, and of course our horses!

We can take you on a Foraging Foray with a horse through the Spring, Summer and Autumn looking for the wild plants that could be useful for our animal companions and ourselves, and discuss how we can utilise them as anti-inflammatories, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral remedies!  The horse can eat his way to health and make his own choices from the hedgerows!

We will also give your horse an 'equus-smorgasbord' to see which freshly picked or dried herbs (wild flowers and plants) they wish to experiment with today, and discuss the issues and problems the horse may have which these herbs could be addressing.

We will show you different ways in which you can incorporate herbs into your own diet and that of your pets for health and well-being, and support your immune system with some of the most powerful and healing herbs that we can all keep in our kitchen cupboard!  We are all what we eat!


And finally we will demonstrate "The Power of Oils" treating one of our horses whilst you are here with a selection of essential oils, and demonstrate the instant reactions that  treatment can have on the horse, what signs to look for, and special 'pressure points' that will work with oils.  Different oils can give a variety of benefits, due to the chemical compounds (secondary metabolites) found within them, and we will explore a useful few for you to purchase and experiment with at home with your own horse and your own health.  One of my favourites has to be Peppermint Essential Oil !

This is very much an 'Introduction' to this incredible science, and if you have particular issues with your own horse that you would like to discuss we can do this on an individual basis.

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