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Breathe with the waves;  Reconnect with Nature; Discover yourself; Your horse will teach you to teach him!   Ask with clarity - Reward with huge praise; Love from your heart; ride without tension and dance with your horse;

'Gentle Horse and Rider'

In-hand Training Workshop - 

Join up,  Close-contact, Liberty & Loose, Horse Agility, Desensitisation and

Socio-Cognitive Learning

'Your horse is a mirror of yourself!'

£65 for one, £100 for two people

In this workshop you will discover the amazing connection and relaxation you can gain with your horse, and how he will mirror your feelings and emotional stress.  You can experiment with our various training techniques with our horses and learn how so similar they are to ourselves!


We will show you how to meet and greet your horse on a daily basis, talk about day to day management and handling with strong boundaries and routines, how to relax your horse and yourself so that you can work together.  We will show you how to read your horse, and to lead  'on a rope with a smile', to take 'one step at a time', to ask for a 'little and reward the try', and work with your horse in-hand in a safe place and safe manner.


We will give you techniques to help you with your own horses with their problems, show you how to lunge, and how important 'angles' are; how to watch the ears, eyes, mouth and body at all times and encourage the forward movement and change direction through thought, action and emotional feeling..  Demystifying lungeing, like herding ducks, is all to do with angles and energy between you and the horse - you don't have to be an expert to give it a go.

You will free lunge, or free school, your horse with us, and ask him to 'join up' with you, in a quiet and gentle way. 

You will then work with your horse at 'liberty' around obstacles, at walk, trot, stand, ground-tie, back, with a bend, a leg yield and forward movement.  We will work in-hand with you to desensitise your horse against scary objects, and allow you both to experience the concept of socio-cognitive learning with kindness and without force. 


Your will find your own self confidence will improve while working with your horse, and show you how to encourage your horse to work with you.  How to quietly and gently stand up for yourself, and discover who you are.  We will give you tips and tools on how to ask for very small steps, and reward big, to encourage your horse to work with you and in your way.

Breathe with your horse; Gentle hands on Touch; Listen to the Body Language;  There's always another way!; Be kind;  Make it fun; Synchronicity; Positive Thinking for Positive Results