Hi, I'm Cathy -  I have been keeping, riding and training horses for thirty years, in a kind and sensitive approach, listening to the horse, and connecting through our energies.  I would love to share this adventure with you!

Meet the herd of boys!

Introducing our brand new In-hand Horse Holiday for everyone! A wonderful week around horses in their field herds, stables, arena and surrounding countryside.  If you love horses and peaceful countryside you will love being with our horses, become part of their herd, and connect through trust and  your energies.  We would love to invite you to join us on a sensational and inspirational non-riding holiday with non-ridden horses.

In-hand Energy Connection Holiday

We embrace the concepts of energy connection, a trusting two way relationship and companionship with our horses through our training techniques, and encourage the horses to respond on a whisper! The activities you will be involved in will include morning workshops and some time on your own with the horses.


  • breathing with the horse, off-body work and gentle touch connection

  • walking and trotting with a smile in the rope

  • loose schooling

  • working on a circle (close contact lunge), listening to each other – voice & breathing

  • horse agility and challenges in-hand and at liberty

  • self selection herbs and wild flowers; and self-selection essential oils

  • grooming, and daily yard duties, taking horses to the field, and cleaning – everyone loves poo-picking!!

  • walk (and run) on the wild side through the woods on or off a lead rope!

  • and relax in the stable next to your horse – this may be lying down!

Five day/four nights holistic natural horsemanship holiday including B&B and lunches - £900 for two;  single £600

If you wish to have rides out during your holiday you can extend the duration of your stay at time of booking.

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