Prince Igor - Lusitano 16.2hh


Igor joined our yard in January 2020 as a six year old going on four!, at the beginning of a very interesting year for us all, and equally so for him.  He is a very worried soul on the ground, and we are working on calming him, and trying to encourage relaxation on a daily basis.  He has certainly taught us all a great deal in trying to understand his needs. 


His feet have taken a while to harden to our barefoot riding terrain, and occasionally needs a little support on the fronts with Scoot Boots, however he has developed some good strong heel bulbs, and a decent sized frog, protecting the underlying digital cushion and other hoof structures.

Currently (March 2021) it seems that he has 'turned a corner' and is much more relaxed than previous months, and is now no longer struggling with seperation anxiety when his best mate Dandy leaves the yard.

As a riding horse he is an absolute gem - really willing, responsive and with fantastic paces.  He is gaining more confidence weekly, and will often ride out in front as the ride leader, and be quite happy as part of the group behind.  He will mature to one of the best horses in the yard given time and patience!  He has come a long way.

Igor rides bitless, treeless and barefoot!  For comptent experienced riders only during his maturing era.