Juta - 14.3hh Appaloosa Leopard Spot (aka 'Spot')

Juta in river.jpg

Juta has been with us since 2013, in her former life trained with Parelli training techniques, having given demonstrations throughout the county!  A star at in-hand work, dressage, ridden arena work and the fastest horse in the yard!  She has been barefoot since birth, ridden bitless or bitted, treeless or treed saddles, Western or traditional. 

Juta is an excellent lead horse, or good as part of the herd with novices and experienced riders alike - however, she will not take fools gladly!!  Her energy will match that of the rider - if you demonstrate small energy, she will do very little; if you ride with positive energy she is an amazing ride!  All our horses will look after you, but..... she will often be called 'lazy' only because she is worried about her rider, and is looking after you, so ideal for 'returning to riding' riders, or nervous riders!  However, once she accepts you on a canter she is kind and gentle!  A very perceptive little mare.

Juta is currently suffering from uveitis with her eyes, however, still makes an exceptional lead horse and a good riding horse for sensitive guiding riders.