Private Workshops £60pp for one or two participants.  Larger groups poa.

We listen to your needs and those of your horse

Our horses are great equine therapists and  guide us all through our journey of life

You will find these workshops inspirational and therpeutic, and very often quite emotional and self-empowering!



'Gentle Horse and Rider'

In-hand Training Workshop - 

Join up,  Close-contact, Liberty & Loose, Horse Agility, Desensitisation and

Socio-Cognitive Learning

'Your horse is a mirror of yourself!'

£60pp (usually 1 or 2 people)

In this workshop you will discover the amazing connection and relaxation you can gain with your horse, and how he will mirror your feelings and emotional stress.  You can experiment with our various training techniques with our horses and learn how so similar they are to ourselves!


We will show you how to meet and greet your horse on a daily basis, talk about day to day management and handling with strong boundaries and routines, how to relax your horse and yourself so that you can work together.  We will show you how to read your horse, and to lead  'on a rope with a smile', to take 'one step at a time', to ask for a 'little and reward the try', and work with your horse in-hand in a safe place and safe manner.


We will give you techniques to help you with your own horses with their problems, show you how to lunge, and how important 'angles' are; how to watch the ears, eyes, mouth and body at all times and encourage the forward movement and change direction through thought, action and emotional feeling..  Demystifying lungeing, like herding ducks, is all to do with angles and energy between you and the horse - you don't have to be an expert to give it a go.

You will free lunge, or free school, your horse with us, and ask him to 'join up' with you, in a quiet and gentle way. 

You will then work with your horse at 'liberty' around obstacles, at walk, trot, stand, ground-tie, back, with a bend, a leg yield and forward movement.  We will work in-hand with you to desensitise your horse against scary objects, and allow you both to experience the concept of socio-cognitive learning with kindness and without force. 


Your will find your own self confidence will improve while working with your horse, and show you how to encourage your horse to work with you.  How to quietly and gently stand up for yourself, and discover who you are.  We will give you tips and tools on how to ask for very small steps, and reward big, to encourage your horse to work with you and in your way.

'Breath Heart Energy Connection'
"Listen to your horse - allow your horse to teach you"

£60 pp, 1-2 people

We all ride and handle horses through breath energy connection, without realising using our natural body energy, and the connection he has with us!  Once we can understand this energetic relationship we can learn to 'harness' it through our interactions and training - in fact they train us!  


We all give off a different energy field, and some of us can make a horse go, but it may bolt off and 'mis-behave', and some of us find that motivating our horse is really hard and we call it 'lazy' (and it could be the same horse!) 

If you are a tense rider or suffer from stress when with horses,  lacking in self confidence around horses, or just wish to understand a gentler approach to working with and riding horses, then this is for you! 


We will explore yoga and breathing with you and the horse, pilates exercises you can do together and how to play with the horse on the ground to enhance your mutual connection.  In fact your horse will become your best friend!


You will be able to work with your horse both on a lead rope, on the lunge and at liberty and discover that really special breath heart energy connection.


Wild Foraging, Herbal Self Selection  and
The Principles of 'Applied Equine Zoopharmacognosy'

"The Power of Oils!"

£50pp - up to 4 people

Our countryside hedgerows are essential for wildlife in so many ways - they provide safe hiding places and homes for small creatures, small mammals, 1500 species of insect and countless hedgerow birds. They are full of food rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, fat, minerals and vitamins to nourish and support growing families, such as seeds, berries, roots, flowers and invertebrates..... they serve as the wildlife motorways so that creatures and birds can travel from one wildlife rich area, such as a woodland, to another; and for winter protection from the harshest of weathers.  Many of our hedgerows are hundreds of years old, and may contain numerous different plants along their corridors.......


They are also full of essential chemical compounds necessary for our own and our animals' health, repair and wellbeing.  Many of these wild flowers and trees that grow along our hedgerows are beneficial to us, our dogs and other pets, and of course our horses!

We can take you on a Foraging Foray with your horse through the Spring, Summer and Autumn looking for the wild plants that could be useful for our animal companions and ourselves, and discuss how we can utilise them as anti-inflammatories, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral remedies!

We will also give your horse an 'equus-smorgasbord' to see which freshly picked or dried herbs (wild flowers and plants) they wish to experiment with today, and discuss the issues and problems the horse may have which these herbs could be addressing.

Finally, we will show you different ways in which you can incorporate herbs into your own diet and your pets, through essential oils,  and some of the most powerful and healing herbs that we can all keep in our kitchen cupboard.  One of my favourites has to be Peppermint Essential Oil and of course Honey!! (is honey a herb I hear you ask!? - maybe not, but SO beneficial!) 


We will demonstrate "The Power of Oils" with treating one of our horses whilst you are here.

Shiatsu for Horses and Humans with AG's Shiatsu!

Gentle touch, working the entire horse to effect relaxation, stress release and


£80pp,  1-2 people

From the Equine Shiatsu Organisation:

Shiatsu is a form of Japanese physiotherapy which can be used to treat a wide variety of issues. The majority of the work covers soft tissue injuries and movement dysfunction, such as tight muscles and stiff joints. It is safe and suitable for most horses, both to deal with specific physical concerns, and to manage stress, mental and emotional health problems.

Equine Shiatsu is purely a manual therapy and uses finger and thumb pressure on acupuncture points along the meridians in order to free restrictions in the body which allow and maintain good health – the same points as used in Veterinary Acupuncture. This pressure along the meridians, together with assisted stretching,  joint mobilisation and massage, allows the body to release pain and tension gently adjusting both posture and attitude.

Based in the principles of Oriental Medicine 'Five element theory', a particular strength of Shiatsu is that it looks to find and treat the underlying causes of dysfunction and not just the symptoms. Oriental theory, in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, together with a well developed sensitivity of touch makes Equine Shiatsu an effective therapeutic aid to good horse health........ more

Our Horses all receive regular Shiatsu Treatments from our local professional Shiatsu practitioner.  Alison Redgrove is able to talk to you and show you the main energy meridians you can use with your horse and which organs they influence - our horses are particularly sensitive to emotional and stress response, helping them to be the calm, gentle horses that our clients like to ride.  When Alison arrives they often lean out of their stables licking and chewing, letting her know that 'they would like to see her'!  Each time a particular horse receives a treatment it is obvious that those in next door stables have also benefitted from her energy!

If you would like to engage in a Shiatsu session with Alison as a demonstration, participation and a short treatment for yourselves (head, neck and shoulders), then please ask at the time of booking your horse riding holiday with us and I will see if she is available.

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