• Cathy Powell

Brighten up your winter with an inspirational Christmas Exmoor Riding Voucher!

If you're worried about the winter weather and you don't know 'what to buy' for Birthdays or Christmas, then our ever popular Christmas Vouchers are an ideal way to spoil someone you love! You can purchase a voucher to suit any budget from a Cream Tea, to a Two night stay B&B with a Three Day Riding Holiday for Two ...... and lots of other wonderful fun experiences with our amazing horses inbetween..... or if you're not sure what to buy, a voucher to a limited value for a ride or similar!

Half Day Ride; Full Day Ride; One night B&B; Two nights B&B and Two Half Day Rides; A gentle Horse and Rider Workshop or an Equinepharmocognosy Workshop (self selection healing with essential oils and herbs)

Drop me a message or email and I can send a payment link and a voucher for you to print off and give to your freind or family member! Simples!!!

exmoorriding@gmail.com ; whatsapp 01643862816;

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