• Cathy Powell

Flo's First Ride Out!

Flo has recently joined our herd as a youngster to bring on for competent children to ride next year. She is such a sweet natured little mare, super pretty, and has recently started her training programme. She has had many inhand walks through the woods, lots of gentle horse agility and desensitisation around the farm, and is now advancing to taking a light rider. So yesterday was her first ride out around Bossington village, meeting traffic, people, a livery yard, cows on the other side of the hedge, and barking dogs. She handled it all admirably! Well done to Flo (behind our greatest teacher - Archie!) Two look-alikes - one 17hh the other 14hh.

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Exmoor Riding's new pony, Flo
Flo's First Ride Out!

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