• Cathy Powell

Total Horse Feed - Nourishing Healthy Horses

We have been using Total Horse Feed for our horses for several years now, and are happy to be able to supply by the bag to local people living in the West Somerset area.

I recently met Linda Bennis at an Equine Zoopharmacognosy weekend with Caroline Ingraham.She told the story of how she established Total Horse Feed as a high quality feed for neglected horses whilst she was living in Spain. We struck up a good friendship, and are happy to share and promote her feed and holistic concept at Exmoor Riding. This is her story:

"We began our journey almost 20 years ago when we pioneered the first cereal-free, complete feed for all horses in all life stages. Our journey continues to evolve and we are still driven by our passion and mission to improve horse health via appropriate nutriton designed for the species we love and care for. Today our quest to help eliminate diet related diseases throughout Europe and beyond goes on and we continue to look forward and forge new paths to enhance not only equine digestive health and well-being, but to speak out and raise awareness of the species we owe so much to. TOTAL ~ Feed for LIFE.

If you would like to try a sample please let me know..... and if you would like to purchase bags they are currently selling at £16.75per 20kg sack. You will need no additives or herbs - find out more here https://revolutionequine.com/sidor/ingredients-analysis

You can choose between the Original, which we use, and the Total Feed with Verm-X added, so you have no need to purchase wormers again!

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