Rio - PRE Andalician 15.3hh ...

Alib - Dartmoor x Appaloosa, 15.3hh

and totally insperable!!

It was 20th October when Albi joined the herd, as an eighteen month pony off Dartmoor - he had never been apart from his mother before, so the seperation and the journey were quite traumatic for him, but he soon settled in well, especially when, on 21st October the very next day we also welcomed Rio to our herd!  A beautiful three and a half year old bay gelding bred in the UK - my 'dream horse' since 2007 when I travelled to Spain on my first Spanish Riding Holiday.  I fell in love with their character, strength and ease of travelling over the high peaks of Catalonia!  Ideal for Exmoor!  Both babies are great companions to one another and LOVE being together, but also happy to work apart.

Rio is riding out over the moors, through woods, rivers, cantering fields and trails, with confidence, but is not yet ready to be a lead horse, or to develop his arena training too far - everything with Rio has to be ‘in his own time!'  Rio gains ridden confidence on a daily basis, and Albi is developing well.  He continues his work inhand, walking through the woods inhand, and gently backed in the arena.  We look forward to his self confidence gaining and trust with his human friends.

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